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I have 3-4 semi trucks filled with furniture coming in on the 18th-19th of December. I need 4 guys who can lift and move furniture from the current rooms to a designated location outside (This will include down a set of stairs for the upstairs rooms), and then move the furniture off the semi trucks and into the rooms. Pay is $8.00 an hour, I'm estimating it will take 4 hours to unload 1 truck and we will have 3-4 trucks coming in. Payment can be discussed because I am willing to let who ever works to take the old furniture for free, they can chose to use it or sell it for their own profit. For example, take less cash if you chose to take free furniture for whatever your reason may be (Use it, sell it, or both). There will be a total of around 30 rooms that need to be changed out with furniture. Need to fill these spots immediately before I can schedule a delivery. Spot need to be fill as soon as possible, preferably before noon on Thursday Dec. 14 2017.

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